WHISTLEBLOWER: Michigan Poisoning Water Supply to Increase Mental Illness

Patriot News

Mary Neal posted the following:


WARNING: More Americans are intended to be mentally ill through lead poisoning in the water supply of numerous states and not ‪#‎Michigan‬ only. This guarantees a continuous supply of brain-damaged people to use as‪#‎prison‬ commodities in the prison industrial complex. In the 1970’s, America stopped using Medicaid for psychiatric hospital inpatients in order to begin warehousing mentally ill Americans in private prisons and jails. This saved taxpayers no money, because our prisons became overcrowded and extremely dangerous with over half of the nation’s prisoners being mentally ill people who should be treated as inpatients or outpatients, depending on their offenses and functionality. As a result, taxpayers now pay over $200 billion per year for prison expenses, police services, and attorneys fees for indigent defendants who comprise 2.3 million inmates, of whom 1.25 million are mentally ill.

See a photo of Larry Morris…

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