Enough HOOPLA- Look what I found! – Oregon Militia Asked to Sign Talent Release – Running to Shut Off Feed! – PRICELESS! –


Finding Truth In an Illusory World

~@ Have the patriots been infiltrated or was it HOLLYWOOD all along??
Published on Jan 27, 2016


Full credit for this BUST of “militia” in Oregon getting asked to sign Talent Release. One of them runs to shut off the live feed but too late, they are busted! Full credit for this bust goes to patriot James Farganne


So how much of the action in Oregon is staged by Feds?

This lifestream came from Youtube Channel
DefendYourBase so all these guys need to be investigated.


James Farganne reported he witnessed these “militia” guys on this channel being very nasty and bashing Christian patriots. They also talked about shooting Feds which is usually a telltale sign of a Fed run operation! Spread this video EVERYWHERE!

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