RMT Sunday: Technocratic education design?!


RMT (Riddle Me This) Sunday for 9/21/14.  Have you heard of the “Technocratic Party”? What does this have to do with Common Core?No, I’m not making fun of the political landscape or any upcoming elections. It directly involves STEM, the part of CCSS, those in charge want you to think are separate (see my post about PCAST, CCSS & STEM). Back to the Techie Party,  here, from their website are the basic principles of their Party (http://www.technocraticparty.us/about):

1) Technocrat is driven to utilize technology – invented or otherwise – into a domestic and a foreign policy.

2) Technocrat’s mission is to improve our nation with: prosperity, abundance, liberty and security.

3) Technocrat continuously pursues a better vision for our nation and humanity. 

How this looks for the regular student/citizen? More federal education involvement! More initiatives, administrations, and programs to increase productivity while supplying lots of high paying…

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