Secret Military Device Used By Michigan Police – Federal Homeland Security Act bars officials from discussing the “Hailstorm” device



Imagine if you will,  cruising down Woodward Avenue all smiles and sunshine until you see it; that  red, white and blue flicker in your rear-view mirror. The Oakland County Sheriff has abruptly merged behind you. We’ve all felt that initial rush, the terror of being ‘pulled over’ and treated like a child. Whether you’re a sinner or a saint those lights strike fear and now they can do much more.

Let’s take this a step further. Sitting there shamed and  awaiting punishment would you be tolerant with the immediate confiscation and investigation of your private belongings including cell phone data?

‘HailStorm’ is a new device obtained by the Oakland County Sheriff with monies from a U.S. Homeland Security Grant and so far, there isn’t much information available on what exactly it can and cannot do.  There were no questions asked when Oakland County commissioners unanimously approved the use of this cellphone tracking device previously used by the US military in Iraq.

Undersheriff Michael McCabe told The…

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