FE Truth Rapper Attacked Hard by Freemason Shill NASA Mouthpiece and Music Industry


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“You know you’re getting over the bullseye of the target the more Flak you encounter”

Q: So why would “Mr. Astronomy” Neil DeGrasse take on a music rapper to counter the well founded claims that the Earth is flat and we have been deceived, tricked and lied to for 500 years as to Heliocentric Theory?

A: Because the PTB do not want Flat Earth Truth to go Mainstream, for it will shut the entire Global, Worldwide evil empire down.  Down goes NASA, Down goes the Universities preaching round spinning ball Earth Theory, down goes Government funding in the trillions for fake satellites, fake space shots, fake ISS, etc.

The past two days, this website has seen its biggest views, by a factor of 10 over rapper BoB’s comments on a website called “Gawker” where he postulated that the Earth is really flat. This follows like disclosures from intellectuals like Santos…

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