Child Pornography Found on Satanist Gene Simmons’ Home Computer (What a Shocker…Not)

Patriot News

PATRIOT NEWS: If you believe that this evil freak had nothing to do with this, then send us your credit card number and we’ll sell you the moon for only $19.95. Raping, killing and drinking the blood of children is what Satanism/Luciferianism DEMANDS of its “followers.” This guy was probably using his house to create child porn and snuff (murder) films for the FBI’s personal use in blackmail. Satanism needs to be OUTLAWED in this country IMMEDIATELY.

Gene Simmons’ home raided for child porn: Detectives search KISS frontman’s house – but insist rocker and his family are NOT suspects

  • Detectives visited the rocker’s Los Angeles mansion on Thursday 
  • Was part of investigation by Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force
  • Reports suggest someone downloaded child porn on their home desktops
  • Alleged crimes took place while he was on tour with the band last year
  • It is not clear who the suspect…

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