The Teeny-Tiny Bell-Shaped Problem of 0.0086%…

We see as through a glass darkly

Okay, so this posts won’t involve too much written material to slog through, (I’ll try and keep it short anyway) but I wanted to share a bit about something which occurred to me about a week ago, when I was out walking in the Nevada sun…

We woke up to find we had a dead car battery, so in the morning I walked the mile or so to the auto parts store where they started charging it for us. Several hours later, I had to walk back to the store to pick it up. As I was walking back, noticing the stark difference in how much more unpleasant the walk had become on the second trip, vs. my jaunt earlier in the day, it dawned on me… “Of course! It’s so ridiculously obvious… EVERYONE knows that the hottest part of the day, is the middle of the day.” (apparently this…

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Show Me the Curve?


So many say “they see the curvature” of the round ball Earth and that “settles it” for them.

I simply ask on the flattest places on Earth, where hundreds and even thousands of miles show only a few feet of elevation change. Where is the curve.

The math is simple. There must be curvature on a round ball. There must, yet …

Take the test. Estimate at what length of miles can you see in these two pictures and then do the simple spherical math of MILES X MILES X 8 inches to see how much earth curvature must be on a round ball earth, or use the chart below.

We should at least see SOME curvature on the left and right sides, if Earth were truly a globe.

flat earth

Measuring the (Non) Curvature of the Earth; Basic Spherical Geometry

IF the earth is a globe, and is 25,000 English statute miles…

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An Exercise in Conspiracy Pt. 2: WDBJ Virginia Shooting

Here we go, strap in and get ready! Take the red pill or take the blue pill! Great work!!!

Girl, Hand me My Sandwich Board

I typically stay away from current events and things in the media b/c I prefer to focus on the “gestalt,” something that can be applied to any and all events no matter what they are.  And of course, there’s always the danger of being called “insensitive” if you press the issue of truth while a tragedy is still hot, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

But in this case, I thought this might be a good conspiracy “tutorial” if you will, for those of you not well versed.

Now if this is the first time you’ve ever read a post of mine or anything like it, prepare to be shocked.  And I don’t mean in the exaggerated sense of surprise, I mean ice water bath shocked.  Because at the end of this you’re going to be asked to go from a paradigm that works and functions to one that…

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It Would Take a Lot of BALLS to Indoctrinate Everyone Like That…

How low can you go?

We see as through a glass darkly

Hee hee, just couldn’t resist. I apologize upfront for the tasteless pun, but you have to admit, it’s a pretty good one, huh, HUH!?

Maybe most of the few folks reading this might really think I’ve just lost me marbles. Maybe my wife is right and I am possibly a frightening case of obsessive/compulsive disorder. In any case, it’s true that once a new investigative meme gets planted into my brain, it’s amazing how all of a sudden it’s like you start seeing weird examples and reminders of it everywhere you look. This has happened countless times to me before, with the various fringy topics I’ve covered in this little blog, but I have to say, I don’t think I’ve EVER suddenly been confronted by the sheer volume of icons, imagery and indoctrination which surrounds the idea of the Globe itself being perhaps the grandest of Conspiracies ever perpetrated.


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